Five Books to Read in September 2017

In September, the summer heat begins to cool, and the weather is ripe for some relaxing backyard reading. Thankfully, this month is packed with a bunch of must-read releases. These are the five books to read in September of 2017:

September 5th

The Ruin of Angels (Craft Sequence 6)

Max Gladstone

Readers who have been following Max Gladstone’s paranormal-fantasy Craft Sequence know how ambitious and compelling it is; The Ruin of Angels is the sixth entry in the series, and seeks to continue the tradition of combining fantastical setting with genre-bending story.

September 19th

Null States (Centenal Cycle 2)

Malka Older

Malka Older’s dystopian thriller Infomocracy was one of my picks for best debuting fiction for 2016, on the strength of sharp, perfectly-paced writing and a chilling premise. Null States, its sequel, should offer more of the same.


Annalee Newitz

Author Annalee Newitz is no stranger to the world of speculative fiction, running io9 and having a couple of published short stories under her belt; however, her future-pharma-dystopian sci-fi book Autonomous, which releases on the 19th, will be her debut novel.

September 26th


Ann Leckie

The Imperial Radch trilogy shattered the way I look at space opera with its unique take on things like relationships and gender. I was sad to see the series end. Ann Leckie’s new book Provenance is also a space opera and I expect it to also be packed with new ideas in a planet-hopping journey.

Sleeping Beauties

Stephen King & Owen King

Sleeping Beauties has a fascinating premise: it is a world where all women are afflicted with a disease that causes them to become entombed in a cocoon while they sleep. The story follows the one woman isn’t affected by the disease. I don’t know much more about the book than that, but I’m already hooked.

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