Book Bundles from Humble and StoryBundle

Get your fix of sci-fi and fantasy from the current Humble Book Bundle, which collects 24 volumes from several different authors, including Brandon Sanderson, Alistair Reynolds, and Joe R. Lansdale. The full bundle unlocks at just $18, making this one of the best spec-fiction bundle deals of the year! Get the bundle here!

StoryBundle is also running a noir bundle, for those who want their fiction to be a little more down-to-Earth. All 11 books unlock at the full price of $15. Get the StoryBundle Neo-Noir bundle here!

6 Books to Read in November 2017

This November is a huge month for sci-fi and fantasy reading, with new books from big series releasing — and most of them on the 14th. These are the 6 books to read in November 2017:

November 2nd

Road Brothers: Tales from the Broken Empire (Broken Empire)

Mark Lawrence

Road Brothers, Tales from the Broken Empire by [Lawrence, Mark]

At the start of the month, we return to Mark Lawrence’s gritty world of the Broken Empire with a collection of short fiction in Road Brothers: Tales from the Broken Empire.

November 14

Oathbringer (Stormlight Archive 3)

Brandon Sanderson

Oathbringer, the third book of Brandon Sanderson’s 650-book Stormlight Archive series, releases on the 14th.

Seventh Decimate (Great God’s War 1)

Stephen R. Donaldson

Seventh Decimate (The Great God's War) by [Donaldson, Stephen R.]

Stephen R. Donaldson starts a completely new series with The Seventh Decimate, which looks to be every bit as epic as the Thomas Covenant series.

The Forsaken Throne (Kingfountain 6)

Jeff Wheeler

The Forsaken Throne (The Kingfountain Series Book 6) by [Wheeler, Jeff]

The conclusion of Jeff Wheeler’s Kingfountain series releases with The Forsaken Throne.


Andy Weir

Artemis: A Novel by [Weir, Andy]

Andy Weir, of The Martian fame, releases a new sci-fi (probably bestseller) called Artemis.

Deadhouse Landing (Path to Ascendancy 2)

Ian C. Esslemont

Deadhouse Landing: A Novel of the Malazan Empire: 2 (Path to Ascendancy) by [Esslemont, Ian C.]

More confusing Malazan lore for everyone on the 14th, as Deadhouse Landing, the second book in Ian C. Esslemont’s Path to Ascendancy, releases.